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  • nekomug BN Mug | BN マグ

    325mL | 11oz
    陶磁器 | ceramic

    microwave + dishwasher safe

    高さ | height 9.6cm
    幅 | width 8.2cm

  • BN Logo Patch | BN ロゴワッペン BN Logo Patch | BN ロゴワッペン

    A cotton talisman.

    Rare item.

    綿 100% | Cotton
    Iron-on | アイロン接着
    Dimensions | サイズ: 7cm
    Embroidered | 刺繍
    Merrow Border | メロウボーダー

  • チラシ対策ステッカー | Anti-Chirashi Sticker チラシ対策ステッカー|Anti-flyer Sticker


    Paper is being wasted in the mass-creation of advertising flyers delivered to mailboxes. Place this sticker on your mailbox to help prevent deforestation caused by flyer advertising. The anti-flyer sticker is free! It is UV resistant, waterproof and easy to remove.

    Assuming that the average household in Tokyo receives 400 ~ 700 grams of flyers in their mailbox every month – some ~7kg of paper per year – totaling 4.2 million kilograms of paper used to produce flyers distributed in Tokyo alone, resulting in the deforestation of around ~66,877 trees per month.


    Most of us place these flyers directly into the trash.


    So far, some ~800 of our listeners have received the anti-chirashi sticker via our website, potentially saving an estimated 480kg of paper or 12.7 trees every month.


    3cm x 12.5cm
    Vinyl | ビニール
    UV resistant | 耐紫外線性